portable spam filter :: free your mailbox from junk mails

email management for a junk-mail-free mailbox You've tried blocking repeat offenders. You've probably tried message rules to filter out spam mails by the words they use. But spammers use weird characters you can't even find on your keyboard! Maybe you've tried a junk-email-washer - one of those programs that moves suspicious mail into a "junk email folder". Trouble is, you still have to delete those spam mails...

Everyday, when you are about to launch your email client (be it Outlook, Thunderbird or etc), you are well aware of the fact that — piles of unsolicited junk mails are already sitting in your mail server waiting for you to fetch into your local email client. Unfortunately, you still have to launch your email application and bring into your mailbox all junk emails that spammers feel that you may potentially be interested!

Now there's a solution!

With Chrysanth Mail Manager, you'll never have to download any junk mails again!

Here's how you could block junk mails from flooding into your local mailboxes. Just take a look at the following 4 screens:

Outlook Express with all junk emails downloaded

The screen of Outlook Express showing all the junk emails being downloaded from our Chrysanth Inquiry email account WITHOUT using Chrysanth Mail Manager to process those junk emails first.

Junk emails identified by Chrysanth Mail Manager

The screen of Chrysanth Mail Manager showing how junk emails are being identified and highlighted. Now, one more click to "Process Mail" and all the junk mails will be gone.

Chrysanth Mail Manager takes you to your ISP, right inside your email account, and shows you exactly what's waiting. Three powerful tools go to work for you automatically, seeking out junk emails and marking it for deletion — all while it's still on the server. You can see at a glance what you want and what you don't. A few quick clicks, and zap, the bad stuff is gone! Then you can switch to your regular email program, knowing that it will only download what you asked for.

ZAP! All junk emails are gone now

ZAP, the bad stuff is gone! After processing all the junk emails on the remote server, Chrysanth Mail Manager shows the ONLY emails that you will ever want to download and read further.

A clean mailbox without junk emails, isn't it better?

Isn't it nice if you just have to spend your precious time attending the only REAL emails that you ever expect?

A great TIME-SAVER that you can't afford to miss!

When the junk mails are taken care of, you will instantly see that your investment is easily being paid off everyday with the amount of time that you could save (which is deposited into the Time Bank by Chrysanth Mail Manager WebStory Emoticon), just like when you were used to storing your pocket money into your little Piggy Bank.

Only in this case, the difference being that you are actually earning yourself additional time without having to deal with the junk emails. Just let Chrysanth Mail Manager stop all the junk emails for you!

Time Bank — Ever wonder how much time you could have saved yourself?

See it yourself how much of your time being saved with every junk email successfully processed without even downloading them! Do you know how much time you could ever save with Chrysanth Mail Manager? ;)

Intuitive, highly customizable, Chrysanth Mail Manager is as easy to use as it is powerful. Within 5 minutes of installing it you'll be up and running.

Try Mail Manager FREE — no risk, no obligation, no questions asked!

For a limited time, we're offering you a FREE, fully functioning 30-day trial of this leading email management software. We're confident that once you experience it, you'll never want to let it go. The good news: after your trial, just € 19.95 gets you the full commercial version — with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, full-money-back guarantee.

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