testimonial :: what our customers say

from: Dr J. Bradley, Ireland

It's a great program. The perfect way of getting the upper hand on the avalanche of SPAM.

from: Pascal Lefloch, France

Of course you can quote my words on the website!!! ... and you can add that I am the happiest customer on Earth with Chrysanth Mail Manager!

from: Pascal Lefloch, France

Once more, thank you very much for your help: it is a real pleasure for me to use "your" program and I am very satisfied by the fact, for example, that you answer promptly and really help the users when they meet a problem, whatever the problem is. ;-)

from: L. Johnson, US

Hello and thanks for the great product...

from: G. Pedley, England

I have to say that I have been more than satisfied with this product, it does an excellent job, thank you.

from: M. Porter, US

Thanks for the follow up... Thanks again for a great product.

from: L. Johnson, US

Thanks for the Quick reply, I appreciate the customer support on this great product...

from: L. Johnson, US

The program is great as is.

from: M. Nathan, US

Hi, again. I want to thank you again for your responsiveness to user suggestions. It's great.

from: M. Nathan, US

Hi. Thanks for quick response. Thanks again for a truly spectacular product that, quite frankly, I couldn't live without!!

from: S. Phillips, UK

Wow, I'm very grateful. Thank you very, very much, I just tried it and it works a treat, it's just what I needed. I'm most impressed by your service (and the Mail Manager).

from: L. Johnson, US

I have been using Mail Manager for about a week now and really like it. I run it because our church gets a lot of spam.

from: D. Harriman, US

We may even start a little more aggressive sales drive for your product as we truly feel it is the best solution out there.

from: L. and M. Vella, Australia

Hi there. We have been enjoying your program very much.

from: H. Steketee, The Netherlands

I am an extremely happy user of Chrysanth Mail Manager.

from: D. Smith, UK

I can assure you that my sentiments about your product have not altered one jot! In fact they may need to be altered to include further praise as my SPAM has now reduced to a more manageable 10-15 a day and still reducing. (How good are you with waistlines?)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to installing version 2.2.

from: Marilynn, US

Hi, thanks for continuing to upgrade this great product.

from: D. Harriman, US

This is what makes your product better than most... You care enough to fix it a deal with it now... Not later! So many companies handle this whole process so wrong... I like the fact that you're on top of each issue I bring to your attention.

If I give you my time and efforts, the least you can do is fix the problem... ;-) Which you do and are doing, so in a timely manor. Excellent!

from: D. Harriman, US

And with so MANY junk programs out there... Consumers just move from one junk program to another. Yours is still in my opinion, the best available at what it does... This is why I put the time into trying to narrow this down so the issue can be addressed.

It still is working great and checking all as it should... As I have had it running while I typed my long-winded email.. ;-)

from: R. Mills, Portugal

Thank you, this works perfectly. Once again, I am amazed and delighted by your companies' attitude and response to this request and the way you have resolved it-all credit to you.

from: R. Mills, Portugal

Thanks for the work so far, so nice to find a software company that listens to it's clients and develops solutions!

from: R. Mills, Portugal

Have now purchased the programme as very pleased with performance.

from: D. Smith, UK

I have just upgraded to 2.1 as requested. Keep up the good work because your product is definitely saving me time and keeping me away from frustration from all those 'Spam-Morons'.

from: D. Harriman, US

Hello, first I would like to say... The response time and the time required for detailed explanations says allot to myself and to us about you and your company. In an age where these things have virtually become unheard of, we find it quite refreshing to see others whom share our business ideas and practices. ............

On a closing note... We would indeed like to host this download on our servers as we offer a very selective listing of software we deem in good quality and from companies with a certain level of ethical practices to a very select group of clients as well as offering this software to the general public on various websites. We feel that this product fits into this idea and will gladly offer and recommend it.

Once again, I thank you for your promptness and for your efforts... After all, it is your product and even though we may make a dollar off it... The fact that you handle business in this fashion says a great deal. We will not offer or recommend to any of our clients or public customers anything we would not use or a product or company with less than our ideals of business ethics just to make a dollar... It's not worth it to us and has not been since we started in 1997!

from: J. Shaffer, US

Thanks for all the trouble shooting, I appreciate it. Thanks again for your great support.

from: K. McNeill, Canada

I have been using mail manager for some months now and am completely satisfied with the product.

from: N. Caldwel, UK

Sorry for the hassle :) but at least I know you do appreciate user feedback. Anyway thanks for all your assistance, at least us users know that you're "always there for us".

from: H. Steketee, The Netherlands

Problem solved. Version does all the things. 427 didn't! By the way, compliments for your support/ service, which has been consistently very quick and efficient!

from: J. Robbins, US

I have been using your product for several version/updated now and must say it just keeps getting better.

from: M. Nathan, US

Now using Version2. Fabulous!! Ability to add domain or email name to friends/ enemies list directly from mail log is perfect! Thank you for considering this request. Your product is absolutely the best!

from: N. Caldwell, UK

Thanks for the additional feature I'd asked about, and the 'name drop' :) p.s. Brilliant product ..... but then you know that!

from: D. Smith, UK

May I also take this opportunity to state that your product is brilliant. I get up to 80-90 spams a day and your product now makes life far more bearable and I no longer have to consider changing my e-mail address, especially with all the pain that can cause. Once again a big thank you!

from: J. A. Bagley, US

Thanks for your program! I love it! It's very effective at saving me time! The bounce feature, I believe, has greatly reduced the amount of spam I get in my main connection. The spam on my main connection has dropped from around 200 a day to less than 40 a day during the two to three weeks I have used your program.

Again, I think your program is great, and I will continue to use it save my time! The only way to stop the spam is to make it easier to save time, cost them more, and avoid having to read it in the first place! Thanks for your efforts to stop it!

By the way, my job is to develop programming for major security as well as user applications. And I really appreciate your work in the spam field! And yes, I have purchased your Chrysanth Mail Manger for my use on my home computer. Keep up the good work!

from: J. Woo, US

Just submitting a request for the 1.9 version. Thanks and again great product!

from: M. Porter, US

Thanks for a great product. It has saved me lots of time and headaches.

from: H. Steketee, The Netherlands

I am a (very) happy user of Chrysanth Mail Manager and would like to use it on an Apple iBook laptop as well.

from: M. Nathan, US

This utility is absolutely wonderful!! It worked perfectly!! Thank you again for your invaluable product!!

from: K. McNeill, Canada

Thank you. This is an excellent product & I recommend it to anyone I talk to.

from: M. Nathan, US

Thanks again for your great product.

from: I. Green, Australia

Well by golly, so it does! :) Excellent! The filter was entirely my idea............

I am quite satisfied that CS Mail Manager is the best online mail manager that I've used. :)

from: Pascal Lefloch, France

Hi, and thank you for your (fast) answer! I am still using Chrysanth Mail Manager and I AM THE HAPPIEST USER ON EARTH with this program. The new tray icon/ sound alert when a friendly mail is detected is really one of the improvements I was expecting to find in the new version. Thank you for this great program and thank you for your great support!!!

from: R. Willmot, Canada

Hi, I purchased Chrysanth Mail Manager a couple of weeks and am very pleased with it, because it gives me something my previous spam-catcher didn't -- stop the bad stuff at my ISP. I'm telling everyone my friends about this program, and plan to contribute a write-up on it to www.pourriel.ca, a Canadian French-language website dedicated to helping users fight spam.

from: K. White, UK

Thank you for this information i downloaded this version and it works perfectly very impressed with it and also the speed it rejects/ bounces unwanted mail thanks.

from: F. Francescangeli, Italy

Sirs, I must say I'm totally satisfied of Mail Manager behavior. These enhancements would make Mail Manager really unbeatable!