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In order to block junk emails with effective anti spam software technology, Chrysanth Mail Manager uses three techniques to separate good emails from junk emails:

dnsbl servers

DNSBL Servers. Spammers are notorious for using unsecured email relays for smothering the world with garbage. To stop them, DNSBL Servers keep lists of such relays. For any email that isn't identified by one of the steps above, Chrysanth Mail Manager checks its source with one or more DNSBL Servers — and often they report back as potential junk emails!


friend lists and blacklists

Friend Lists and Blacklists. In one quick step, import everyone in your Outlook 2000 (or above) and Windows Address Book to your Email Friend List. The Email Blacklist is similar, for people you never want email from. More wide-ranging, Domain Lists (for both kinds) cover addresses that are the same to the right of the "@" sign. The color-coding shown here, for email from friends, blacklisted email, junk email, and even filtered email, is what you see when Chrysanth Mail Manager lists your email, making it easy to sort at a glance.



Filters. Step-by-step help will show you how easy it is to set up rules to filter out junk emails, even before it gets to your computer. Filters can be individually color-coded, and can even mark junk emails for deletion. You can also use filters to protect the emails you want!