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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Chrysanth Mail Manager:

  • Minimize clicks. See Setup->Options->Mail to switch automatically to your email program after running Process Mail.
  • Flag your friends. See Setup->Options->Email Friends List and import your Windows Address Book. Email from friends is flagged as such, eliminating the risk of accidental deletion. This speeds up performance too, since time isn't wasted on checking with DNSBL Servers.
  • Simplify. By default, the Mail list shows you almost everything that can be known about an email without downloading it. But you may not need to see all that! By cutting back on the columns of data, you'll make it easier to understand and use what's left. See View->Field Chooser for easy instructions.
  • Speed it up. As mentioned above, any way you can flag good mail is a good way to improve performance, since verification on that mail stops right away - it doesn't go on to be checked with DNSBL Servers. Any filters you set up (see Setup->Filter), whether to protect good mail or to mark junk-mail for deletion, will also make everything go faster.
  • Take a look. Want to read a particular item right now instead of waiting till you've verified deletions, clicked Process Mail, switched programs, and waited for everything to download? No problem! Double-click on the email you want to read... (Or select it and click the Email button.) The internal viewer does not run Javascript or display images - it's safe!
  • Sort it out. Click on any column header to have the Mail list instantly sorted. If you click on the Status header, all junk emails will be grouped together, as will all mail from Friend addresses, all mail caught by filters, and so on. If you click on the Size header, mail will be sorted according to message size. See View->Clear Sorting for more information.
  • See it all. Addresses and subject lines are often too long to be displayed within their columns in the Mail list. No problem! Just place the mouse pointer on any cell whose data is partially hidden, and the complete information will appear in a tooltip.
  • Rearrange it. You can arrange the columns of the Mail list in whatever way you wish. As you drag a header to left or right along the line of column headers, a pair of green arrows will appear whenever it crosses a separator. If you drop the header there, it will be inserted to the left of that separator. You can also resize the columns, giving more room to From and Subject for example. See View->Auto Width for more.
  • Right-click. The quickest way to access the View Menu is to right-click on the column-header line, just above the Mail list. This gives you all of the View commands except Email Client.